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Not when I posted. They added him and Phelps between the time I posted my message and the time you did. No prob. It was odd having Galvis and not Sogard when teams would rather have Sogard because of production and contract. Meanwhile, Galvis continues to be tasked with starting shortstop duties by second-tier clubs, which says a lot about how the market views him.

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I think it will all depend on overall health on the infield of contending teams. Sogart is an interesting case. While I dont think the return will be too big, it will be interesting to see if they can get at least an upside guy like Thornton. The sample is now getting close to 50 games on Sogart, he has been good and that hot streak is getting some length to it. I believe you could see the Astros get involved with either of these two if Correa and Diaz continue to be slowed in return from IL.

Plus the obvious relationship of the Jays and Stros recent trade history. I think he would add more to the team than Grossman or Profar although they have both been picking it up in recent weeks. Yuck, why would we take on that contract? We have enough of those in AAA just waiting for their shot.

Plus that contract.

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Please, please, Mr Huntington. Recoup what you can for Archer. Every time he pitches it reminds me of what a horrible trade you made. So how another team may value him is largely unrelated to his current role. Often closers from bad teams get acquired to secure the 7th or 8th on a contending team. Greene has done that before. He had a rough year last year his first year as closer, but he has stepped up this year. Closer is a position few can master.

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Looks like he can do either if needed. What you said really did make sense.

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And most contenders will either have someone else that is, or will target someone else who is. Reminds me of Brandon Kintzler a few years ago. Nats acquired him and made him their 2 setup guy: mlbtraderumors. Okay thanks. Not an easy task.

Thanks again for the info. All three? Doubtful of course, but it does make sense. Not arbitration eligible until , so the Giants would be trading several years of control. Moronta has been reliable but not dominating. I would say a lower tiered prospect and lottery ticket type might get it done. Cheap, extra year of control and several teams could use a back-up C. Always some guys that we miss in canvassing.

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There is also a possibility that Dragons outfielder Daniel Sweet could return to Dayton if one of these five goes elsewhere, but Sweet may be more likely to move on to Daytona. Additionally, he earned a promotion to short-season Class A Williamsport and made two starts there before the end of the regular season. Gregoryisgodistan , population 75,, It is a massive undertaking! Danny Santana is a big maybe, and Shin Soo Choo might warrant some consideration despite his contract. He is putting up 3ish numbers, but man the upside of Playoff Bum to a team….

It is a massive undertaking! He has more value to us than anyone considering how well he has done with Giolito. I really think that most will be very surprised to see what a Madbum deal could fetch. They therefore will give up a very good player s for even a half-season of control. The Giants will NOT trade him for just anybody, there going to get premium talent or, they just keep him, offer a 1 year qualifying offer which he most likely would reject and when he signs in the off season they will get the draft pick.

According to statcast, MadBums two seamer is averaging Is that his usual? At the moment he looks like a no.

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His last seven games he has an ERA of 3. His 3. Would love to see my Phillies get Bumgarner. Statcast clearly indicates that MadBum has lost a full 2 MPH on his snot rockets since which should be a real concern for any GM who is expecting vintage Bumgarner ;.

The Angels should have traded Skaggs last July, when he had everyone fouled by the stretch he had last year. I would keep Robles, still have a couple of years before he is a free agent. With the Angels finally getting healthy, they could make a run. Reds Jose Iglesias has been solid this year and provides quality defense. I could see a contender like the Twins or Athletics trading for his defense. Jays are far more likely to trade a player like that, hence the ranking.

But I agree he should be listed in the bottom section.

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Dear Braves, any bullpen help 12 up is acceptable. Colome is fine also. An embarrassing miss with kimbrel. Kimbrel was the cheap option at this point… now is when it gets very expensive. Ya, I have to agree.

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Five years ago, switch-hitting left fielder, Bentley Randolph ran from his private shame and never looked back until the Mustangs new trade acquisition, Sean. Editorial Reviews. Review. 4 Stars - A True Gem from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews. "Switch Hitter offered a compelling plot line with plenty of food for thought.

With several contenders looking for bullpen help, someone like W. Smith is going to be in demand. He might be a rental but this market makes it look like the Giants can still demand a kings ransom. The Brave bats can maul any pitcher on a given night. Their starting pitching got better with Keuchel. The bullpen?

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Might be the worst in baseball among contenders. Luke Jackson? Spare me! Pay what the Giants want for Will Smith and complete the puzzle. No athletics on here? They trying to make a run still? Maybe flip Treinen with a year plus left. Trade high on Hendriks while it lasts? There have been recent reports on the Padres being willing to sell certain players under certain circumstances.