Sing Me Home: One Girls Epic Story of Child Abuse Survival (Child Abuse Stories)

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Reverie explores the importance of play in education through an interactive experience in which the members of the audience will witness, first-hand, the effectiveness of drama based pedagogy in the classroom. Through Reverie, our community will be brought together in the name of play in order to more fully understand how we can creatively inform and educate the minds of students for the betterment of their learning and lives.

Roll For Audiences will then have the opportunity to read the stories behind the fantasy in the people's own words. Why isn't there a way to celebrate our friendships the same way that we celebrate romantic partners? April 17 at a. When a renowned artist is accused of committing an unforgivable act, what is to become of their body of work? Can you separate the art from the artist?

This choral cantata explores these questions by focusing on the documented abuse by 16th century composer, Nicolas Gombert, whose musical legacy will forever bear the mark of his crime. Brockett Theatre, Dressing Room B. The Pool is an interactive art exhibit that explores ritualism surrounding water. This piece is a multi-sensory experience featuring digital projections and audio that invites participants to enter and wade in a pool of water.

It examines vulnerability, reliance and meditation - asking participants to consider how they interact with the water and how the water, in turn, interacts with them. Michelle Memran's The Rest I Make Up celebrates the fierce and unquenchable spontaneity that is Maria Irene Fornes—a virtuosic theater artist and educator whose plays and writing workshops helped shape American theatre.

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When Memran began spending time with her for the film, it became clear that Irene—then in her 70s—was suffering from an undiagnosed dementia. Weaving together footage of the present with archival from the past, the documentary moves mentor and student towards an ever-deepening connection in the face of forgetting. Performance Dates April 17 at a. By following a post-trauma narrative, focusing on the point of view of the individuals and communities, we can explore authenticity in society in relation to traumatic events.

In devising characters through our personal experiences with elements of magical realism, we find a way to shed light on the ways trauma can be both lonely and enlightening. Iden Payne Theatre, Lobby. It is also a mental object that could consist of—among other things—your desires, fears, goals, hopes, angers and joys. Loren Winship Drama Building. If the walls of Winship could talk, what would it remember about the people that pass through it? Reserve a slot to receive personal instructions and dedicated playing time, or just stop by to see what others are playing.

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April 16, 18 at p. Loren Winship Drama Building, Atrium. Performance Dates April 15, 17, 18 at a.

Oscars 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins Academy Award

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All performances of At the Intersection of This project has been moved to the B. Iden Payne due to weather.

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Apply Apply to Undergraduate Programs B. Jekyll and Mr. Iden Payne Theatre Oscar G. Daine is an abandoned child who possesses the wild magic, enabling her to talk with, even take the shape of the beasts of the forest. It's a light fun read featuring a compassionate, strong heroine who grows into her power throughout the quartet.

I love that Pierce's characters tend to go against social convention and eventually carve out a life worth living. Yelena is about to be executed for murder and is offered an alternative: food taster to the king. She herself is poisoned and must appear for her daily antidote or die a painful death. What she does with the hand dealt her is fantastic. She is a capable, educated heroine who takes responsibility for her own actions, and plans ahead the moment she begins to see options opening up, then works hard for her future.

Watching her grow from desperate orphan into a competent, deadly fighter was fantastic, and strong character development anchors Yelena and Valek into your soul as you weave your way through this magic combo of assassins, spies, and intrigue. I love that romance took a seat in the background and let us focus on the action at hand. Themes of mortality, freedom of choice, and tests of loyalty predominate and make it more than just a fun read. Sybel is only sixteen when she is brought an orphaned baby to raise.

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Sing Me Home: One Girl's Epic Story of Child Abuse Survival (Child Abuse Stories) eBook: Tiffini Johnson: Kindle Store. For those that came to know 'Sassy girl' in 'Empty Chairs', and for those Sing Me Home: One Girl's Epic Story of Child Abuse Survival (Child Abuse Stories).

She has little love for humans, having been raised alone on Eld Mountain with only the magical beasts her father summoned with magic for playmates, yet she accepts and is obviously transformed by the experience. Oddly enough, I love how detached and pragmatic she is. Her fearlessness awards her a vicious legendary bird, her ruthlessness when betrayed is not to be underestimated, and she is a beautiful, powerful, sorceress. In another story she could be the villain, but here she is thoroughly the heroine. This little-known gem landed the World Fantasy Award, and was nominated for many others.

McKillip's elegant prose lends this dark fairytale a dreamy, mythic quality. A fantastic read featuring a fantastic heroine. Monza Murcatto is out for blood. Known as the Snake of Talins, the most feared and famous mercenary in Styria, she is betrayed by her employer and left for dead. Unfortunately for him, she's alive and fueled by vengeance. Flanked by a drunkard, a poisoner, a mass murderer with OCD and a Northman who just wants to do the right thing, she is a force to be reckoned with.

With signature Abercrombie indulgence, Best Served Cold is a bloody, thrilling, expedition. Filled with harsh language, black humor, terrible sex, and broken characters, it's everything his fans have come to expect and love from his work. Monza is a total badass and gets the job done; just don't mind the collateral damage along the way. This reboot is everything.

Diversity FTW! I love that this incarnation of Ms. Marvel is a teenage Pakistani-American from Jersey, who's just as thrilled about her superpowers as she is about finding the right outfit for the job. Kamala is such an enjoyable heroine to follow in her debut. She is smart, funny, and fully embraces the superhero gig with all the enthusiasm of someone too naive to appreciate the danger.

She is Muslim, and has strict parents who don't approve of all the fan fic she writes, let alone the outfits. The classic art style is fantastic, and ties in with the rest of the Marvel world. It's not just about her kicking butt, although obvi, that's happening. It deals a lot with identity as she can shape shift and decides to look like Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marveltall, blonde, and nothing like herself. This intricate retelling of the Celtic Swans fairy tale takes an enchanting story and embellishes it with depth, believable backstory, ancient magic, and great characters.

It is painfully dark, at times horrifying, but also offers elements of hope, devoted love, and healing. One criticism is that while its rape scenes are incredibly graphic, actually loving consensual sex scenes are all but fade-to-black absent.

Despite this, Sorcha is simply radiant as the heroine who accomplishes the fantastic tasks required to set things right. She is beloved by and shares a unique bond with her brothers, and while no warrior, her strength is in healing and in quietly you have no idea how quietly going about what needs doing with fortitude and courage. Despite her burdens, she is able to see the beauty in the world, and that takes a special kind of magic.

Again, folks tend to shelve anything related to fairytale literature as YA or even Juvenile Daughter of the Forest is definitely ill suited for children, due to the graphic abuse mentioned above. As Sorcha matures, she grows into her strength and intelligence, meeting each painful task with diligence and unfailing love. It is a beautiful story highlighting the power of small and simple things. Katsa is a pragmatic graceling born with the ability to kill with her bare hands from the time she was eight years old. Graced as all gracelings are with unique superpowers and marked with two different eye colors, she was orphaned and becomes assassin to the King in her youth.

With attachment issues and a very sterile view of murder, she is very flawed; which balances out that she's pretty much invincible, unstoppable as both a warrior and as a person. Light romantic interest flavors the story, but it's nothing so strong as to overpower the heroine and her purpose.

The female relationships are so real and relatable, and I love that at times it's just women out there saving the world. No men in shining armor.