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Students who enjoy environments where there are lots of degree options and people will likely find value in a university education. What mainly determines a public or private school college or university is how they are funded. Public colleges or universities are largely supported by state and some federal funding, in addition to student tuition. Public colleges or universities will often receive donations as well, but private colleges depend on these donations to operate. Because of this funding structure, private colleges tend to be more expensive than public colleges and universities, although this is not always the case.

Because of the private contributions and endowments of private college, there often can be very good financial aid packages offered to students. For more information on public vs. Private Four-year institutions can differ greatly from school-to-school. And although students pursuing undergraduate degrees from these schools typically complete them in four years, it is important to note that not all students will spend just four years at the institution. Taking the time to compare and contrast different schools based on location, tuition, professors, class-size, educational opportunities, major offerings, and more is essential to deciding which four-year school your student should attend.

Nonprofit schools are the schools you likely picture when you think of college: four-year colleges and universities, community colleges, and private colleges. For-profit colleges function more like a business with investors who make money on their investment in the college.

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For-profit colleges tend to focus on job-specific curriculums, often technical programs. Whether your student goes to a nonprofit or for-profit school, it is important to ensure that the school is accredited, meaning it is officially authorized and recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or another private educational association recognized by the government. Schools can receive accreditation from either national or regional accreditors. Most nationally accredited schools are for-profit, whereas most regionally accredited schools are nonprofit.

If the schools are not accredited, most experts agree that students should avoid them. Degrees from these institutions can cause difficulties in the future. When looking for schools, pay attention to what type of school it is you and your student are researching. Some for-profit schools can be a good option for students.


Others struggle with enrollment, poor job placement, and accreditation issues. ITT Tech, a large chain of for-profit technical schools across the country, shut down all of its schools recently due to some of these issues. If your student does decide to attend a for-profit, nationally accredited school, note that in some cases, regionally accredited schools will not accept transfer credits from a nationally accredited school. This has to do with differing academic standards and course studies.

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Your acads will matter to the extent that you should clear the minimum eligibility criteria of the institute that you wish to opt for. Here are my details 1. Soooooo, is it worth it? University Forgiveness Policy Repeated Courses The University Forgiveness Policy permits an undergraduate student to repeat an FAU course and allows only the higher grade to count in the grade point average. The university owns a hotel Sheraton , country club with hole golf course, a conference center, and more.

Be aware of these distinctions when researching schools with your student. An undergraduate associate degree is usually completed at a community college, although sometimes it can be earned at a four-year college or university. Like four-year programs, students can still get some general education credits at a community college. There are many reasons students would want to choose a community college over a four-year institution. One of the biggest reasons students choose community college is financial.

Community colleges tend to cost a lot less than four-year institutions, making it less expensive for students to acquire an associate degree or attain general education credits before transferring. Community colleges also tend to have many part-time students, allowing students to work and take classes at the same time.

For students with real financial barriers, starting slow and earning credits can be a successful route to earning a degree. The class sizes at community colleges are generally significantly smaller than four-year intuitions, although not always. Smaller class sizes allow for more personalized attention and one-on-one time with instructors, which is helpful for students who need extra help or like to learn at their own pace.

Community colleges provide professional certificates in many fields. These programs can quickly track students into a career at a lower cost. Some of these programs have been set up with local businesses; others are specifically designed with the industries in the region in mind.

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Some of the most popular certificate programs are in the healthcare, manufacturing, business and technology fields. Researching certification programs is important to find the best fit. Look for programs that address specific needs of businesses in the area, how well past students perform on state certification tests, and if these programs place students in the field as interns or apprentices for on-the-job training. Professional certification is different from earning a degree because it provides specific skills that are required in a particular job.

Mridul, while acads could have played a small role but primarily it would be the way you handled GD and the interview.

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Sir, my cousin got By looking at my cousins situation every one is forcing me to leave mba as my career option. Everyone is saying there will not be any benefit for me doing mba and i will not get any job there as well. Sir can u suggest me what should i do? Mridul, conversion of calls is mostly a function of your performance in the personality assessment process hence it is possible that your cousin had poor interviews.

Call me at to discuss.

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Sir,does this mean that i have no chance in getting the admission in iim??? And also pls tell me that do i need to get work experience for getting the call from any other top non iim institutes?? Hello sir, i hav 8. Sir i hav no work experience. Pls help me sir. SIR, I have good score of Will this result into me missing out the opportunity of getting calls from IIMA in particular?

Also the number of student selected each year approximately in finance field and the minimum score required to get calls for interview of IIMA The information provided by you will be of great help for me in coming years.

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Select Undergraduate Papers: Real Term & Research Papers That Received Top Grades in College eBook: Jude K. Odu: Kindle Store. [DOWNLOAD] Select Undergraduate Papers: Real Term & Research Papers Received Top Grades in College file PDF Book only if you are registered here.

Eagerly waiting for your reply yours truly. You will not miss out on calls from any IIMs due to this. A general category candidate typically needs about Sir, My academic profile is as follows : Class 10 : Do I have any hope in the top IIMs? Kindly reply. I have got 8CGPAin 10 standard and My friends told me that you will not get iima, iimb, iimc with this much of percentage in 10 and 12 standard. I want to know that this is true or not.

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Mukund, your friends are only partially correct. Sir, i have a doubt, i need your advice,please help me out. Recently i was checking the prerequisites for applying for a duplicate certificate, but it seems to be quite risky since i did not loose my certificate, and doing so in my case would be illegal.

Chakradhar, unfortunately the only way forward will be to apply for duplicate certificates. Average Extracurricular activities. Jo, it is difficult but with your 2 year work experience you have a chance of getting a call from IIMB. Vikas, prepare and go for a retake. Hi Gp sir, I am Shantanu Kaushik. I am planning to do an MBA and am just starting with my preparations.

My past record is really very poor due to negligence and now I wish to do something exceptional in life. Current desg: Senior software engineering. Also my acads will have impact on placements during my MBA??

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Sir i have completed my B. E in and worked in TCS for a period of 11 months and then resigned to prepare for government jobs as i have desire to work in my core area i. Now i have decided to prepare for CAT will it be relevant for me to give the cat exam. Sir please reply me wheather i am eligible to do MBA or not?

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If so can i get a placement after pursuing MBA. Hariprasad, while it can be explained, the 3 year gap will be an issue and hence if possible try picking up a full time job. If not then we will have to manage. Eligibility is not an issue.

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While some companies will not consider you because of the gap most will not have a problem. Am I eligible for CAT? In college 1st Yr- And I am contributing in 2 start ups currently. Please give me the tips for getting through it with reference to my track record. Aditya, apologise for missing you query. Unlike the IIMs and a few other institutes, FMS does not have any weight for past academics so your marks do not matter as long as you are above the eligibility requirement.