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Conferences are held near the equinoxes and solstices in order to anchor the light released during those times for the benefit of mankind. Cosmic Being. Cosmic Clock. The science of charting the cycles of the soul's karma and initiations on the twelve lines of the Clock under the twelve hierarchies of the Great Central Sun.

Taught by Mother Mary to Mark and Elizabeth Prophet for sons and daughters of God returning to the Law of the One and their point of origin beyond the worlds of form and lesser causation. Cosmic consciousness. The awareness of oneself fulfilling the cycles of the cosmos in and through the Great God Self; the awareness of the self as a part of God in cosmic dimensions; the attainment of initiations through the blessedness of the Cosmic Christ leading to God Self-realization in the Universal One.

Cosmic Egg. The spiritual-material universe, including a seemingly endless chain of galaxies, star systems, worlds known and unknown, whose center, or white fire core, is called the Great Central Sun. The Cosmic Egg has both a spiritual and a material center. Although we may discover and observe the Cosmic Egg from the standpoint of our physical senses and perspective, all of the dimensions of Spirit can also be known and experienced within the Cosmic Egg. For the God who created the Cosmic Egg and holds it in the hollow of his hand is also the God Flame expanding hour by hour within his very own sons and daughters.

The Cosmic Egg represents the bounds of man's habitation in this cosmic cycle. Yet, as God is everywhere throughout and beyond the Cosmic Egg, so by his Spirit within us we daily awaken to new dimensions of Being, soul-satisfied in conformity with his Likeness. Cosmic hierarchy.

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He forgot the heart of God inside our heart chakra the violet flame as another altar but instead being a Bhakti Yogi of highest degree He used his devotion influence and guidance and love for Divine Mother to help us activate this divine love in our hearts. But they have inserted through the media, through the control of the press and the food itself these dependencies upon chemicals and drugs and everything else but the living God. Saint Germain. Also called the Christ Flame and the liberty flame, or fleur-de-lis, it is the spark of a man's Divinity, his potential for Christhood. Native American Intro. Thus, the Light of winter solstice is like unto none other, for its descent leadeth thee in the way of the law of righteousness as exemplified in the Son.

The universal chain of individualized God-free beings fulfilling the attributes and aspects of God's infinite Selfhood. Included in the cosmic hierarchical scheme are Solar Logoi, Elohim, Sons and Daughters of God, ascended and unascended Masters with their circles of chelas, Cosmic Beings, the twelve solar hierarchies, Archangels and angels of the sacred fire, children of the Light and nature spirits, called elementals, and twin flames of the Alpha-Omega polarity sponsoring planetary and galactic systems.

In the third century, Origen of Alexandria set forth his conception of a hierarchy of beings, ranging from angels to human beings to demons and beasts.

The Comte de St. Germain. The Secret of Kings: A Monograph

This renowned scholar and theologian of the early Church, who set forth the chief cornerstone of Christ's doctrine and upon whose works subsequent Church fathers, doctors, and theologians built their traditions, taught that souls are assigned to their respective offices and duties based on previous actions and merits, and that each one has the opportunity to ascend or descend in rank.

Many beings of the heavenly hierarchy are named in the Book of Revelation.

Saint Germain Enfires Us With the Light of Cosmic Freedom (VIDEO English/Spanish)

Apart from the false hierarchy of Antichrist, including the reprobate angels, some of the members of the Great White Brotherhood accounted for by Jesus are Alpha and Omega, the Seven Spirits, the angels of the seven churches, the Four and Twenty Elders, the four beasts, the saints robed in white, the Two Witnesses, the God of the Earth, the Woman clothed with the Sun and her Manchild, Archangel Michael and his angels, the Lamb and his wife, the one hundred and forty-four thousand who have the Father's name written in their foreheads, the angel of the Everlasting Gospel, the seven angels i.

See also Elohim. Origen, On First Principles.

Cosmic law. That law which governs mathematically, yet with the spontaneity of mercy's flame, all manifestation throughout the cosmos in the planes of Spirit and Matter. Cosmic Virgin. The Divine Mother, specifically in her immaculate awareness cosmic consciousness of our Divine Wholeness maintained on behalf of us all--we who are the children of her Sun Presence swimming in her cosmic womb.

The Omega whose sound, "Om," leads to the soundless Sound behind all creation. The universe conceived as an orderly, harmonious system; a complex orderly self-inclusive system. All that exists in time and space including spectra of light, forces of bodies, cycles of the elements--life, intelligence, memory, record and dimensions beyond physical perception--mathematically calculated as the evidence of things not seen as yet, but which do appear in the Spirit cosmos that coexists with and interpenetrates the Matter cosmos as a grid of light.

Our Father's Spirit cosmos all around us veils the inner blueprint and motion of First Cause and causation by which worlds are framed and hung by his Universal Mind and the planes of effect karma in which we abide are sustained for a season. The crucifixion of Christ is for the judgment of all those who occupy the position of the authority of Christ and yet exercise it not as the Christ but as the Antichrist. The intent of the fallen ones is to kill the Christ, not the man.

They recognize his power to be the eternal Christ in him. It is the Son of God in Jesus and in us all who experiences the crucifixion.

The Purpose of Identity

And our souls experience this in the hour when, by the path of initiation, we are truly one in that Christ. Thus the soul of Jesus, the Son of man, was one with that Christ; and therefore effectively it was the integrated personality in God who was crucified. D Darjeeling Council. A council of the Great White Brotherhood consisting of Ascended Masters and unascended chelas headed up by El Morya, its chief, headquartered in Darjeeling, India, at the Master's etheric retreat.

Members include Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Archangel Michael, the Great Divine Director, Serapis Bey, Kuthumi, Djwal Kul and numerous others whose objective is to train souls for world service in God-government and the economy, through international relations and the establishment of the inner Christ as the foundation for religion, education, and a return to golden-age culture in music and the arts. Dark Cycle. The Dark Cycle of the return of mankind's karma began on April 23, It is a period when man's misqualified energy, held in abeyance for centuries,is being released for balance in this period of transition into the Aquarian cycle.

April 23, , commenced the thirty-first year of the Dark Cycle initiation under the hierarchy of Sagittarius and their God consciousness of victory. Dark Night. In both the dark night of the soul, in which the soul's light is eclipsed chiefly by personal karma, and the dark night of the Spirit, in which the light of the I AM Presence is eclipsed by planetary karma as well as Christic initiation, the individual must deal with the tests unique to his lifestream and those common to all on the path of the ascension.

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Both types of karma eclipse for certain cycles the light of the soul and therefore its discipleship under the Son of God. When that personal karma is balanced by the soul, it must forge the Christ-identity, pass through the alchemical marriage of the soul's union with the Christ Self , and be in a position, if required, to hold the balance for some weight of planetary karma. The latter occurs as the initiation of the dark night of the Spirit which each initiate must face as the supreme trial of his Christhood. The dark night of the soul, karmically created by individual free will, is the test of the soul's confrontation with its own karma of relative good and evil the sin that can be forgiven ; the dark night of the Spirit is the initiation of the soul's encounter with the Great God, Absolute Good, and, by that Good which he has become, of the vanquishing of Absolute Evil, its antithesis.

This is experienced as the presence and the absence of Light, as Christ and Antichrist, as well as the active and passive participation of the Son of man in the cycles of Armageddon within and without. This initiation deals with the sin against the Holy Ghost which is unforgivable Matthew —the deification of Absolute Evil and the nonsurrender of the 'dweller on the threshold' in the very face of the living God. The dark night of the soul is the tolerance of the Law, a period of grace for the soul to separate out from error and to transmute it; it is the prerequisite for the dark night of the Spirit.

Those who have been given the cycles necessary to pass through the dark night of the soul, but have not done so, must move on, regardless, to the initiation of the dark night of the Spirit. This is the initiation of the I AM Presence. It is the Self-limiting principle of the Law which does not tolerate the abuse of Christ by Antichrist. The latter initiation, given to saint and sinner alike, signifies that opportunity has run out for the individual to choose to be God.

wisdom of the ages for aquarian age

Saint Germain on the Freedom to Create (Pearls of Wisdom Book 13) - Kindle edition by Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Religion & Spirituality Kindle . Saint Germain on the Freedom to Create (Pearls of Wisdom Book 13) eBook: Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Kindle Store.

After hundreds of thousands and even millions of years of cycling through the wheel of rebirth, the soul-identity that denies the Presence of the Godhead dwelling in him bodily—His Word and His Work—is cancelled out by his own final decree ratified by the judgment before the 24 elders at the Court of the Sacred Fire and the second death Revelation ; , ; The system of the Godhead for grace, mercy, and opportunity afforded to all for a season assures that all souls are given many lifetimes to repent of their evil works and be saved.

It also assures that though mercy endures forever, Evil does not. The only hope for the perpetuation of holy innocence is that the evil word and the evil work including that of the Evil One and his agents can be and is terminated at the conclusion of abundant cycles of God's justice extended to all.

See also St. John of the Cross, trans. It is written in the Book of Job, "Thou shalt decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

Comte de Saint Germain Is a World Legend

It is the "Command ye me" of Isaiah , the original command to Light, which, as the "Lux fiat," is the birthright of the sons and daughters of God. It is the authoritative Word of God spoken in man by the name of the I AM Presence and the living Christ to bring about constructive change on earth through the will of God and his consciousness come, on earth as it is in heaven--in manifestation here below as Above. The dynamic decree offered as praise and petition to the LORD God in the science of the spoken Word is the "effectual fervent prayer of the righteous" that availeth much.

The dynamic decree is the means whereby the supplicant identifies with the Word of God, even the original fiat of the Creator "Let there be light: and there was light. The decree is the alchemist's tool and technique for personal and planetary transmutation and self-transcendence. The decree may be short or long and is usually marked by a formal preamble and a closing or acceptance. Job ; Gen.

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Jesus and Kuthumi, Prayer and Meditation. For audiocassettes of decrees, songs, mantras and rosaries, including decrees to Archangel Michael, El Morya and Lord Lanto and violet flame decrees, see pp. Desire body. Angel devas are the guardian spirits of the mountains and the forests. They also ensoul and hold the matrix for the Christ consciousness to be outpictured by the people of a particular locale--city, state, nation, or continent--or for a particular race, nationality, or ethnic group.

In Hinduism, dharma is defined as that which determines our true essence; righteousness; morality; the religious and moral law governing individual conduct; that which holds the world together; the lawful order of the universe and the foundation of all religion; religious duty; the way of life to be followed according to one's nature and station in life; conformity to one's duty and nature; an individual's duty fulfilled by observance of custom or law.

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