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Snoke: Leave the base at once and come to me with Kylo Ren.

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It is time To complete his training. So in future Movies such as Episode 8 and 9, I think it's safe to say Kylo Ren's power during Episode 7 will pale in comparism to Episode 8 and 9. He's already following Darth Vader's foot steps by appearing to be an irredeemable Sith but redeem himself by overthrowing the Puppet Master who manipulated him and controlled his life and continuing Anakin Skywalker's destiny by bring the Force back into balance. He's the perfect candidate because he shares so many similarities to Anakin Skywalker.

But of course This just speculation and I could be wrong. It took me an hour to write. Seriously though I just read it and it's pretty interesting. It may be possible that both Rey and Kylo are Chosen Ones both. Interesting topic. Would like to see what: radioactivehaggis , soup95 , shootingnova have to say about this. Since the Force is out of balance again, someone has to bring it back into balance. You might say it didn't just revolve around 1 Force user, but if that was so, which is likely, it would have only revolved around 1 Force user, the Force user it revolved around had the destiny, story wise.

Maybe Anakin's destiny as the Chosen One was to create the Skywalker lineage which would bring balance back whenever it was out of balance. Take Luke, who was the catalyst Vader needed in the original trilogy. That's what Luke was supposed to do, to help Anakin bring balance, he would have to guide his father to a path of redemption. To be honest, ''Bringing balance to the Force'' can't be about the destroying the Dark Side or the Sith, or the First Order, whatever you name it.

The Father : Too much dark or light would be the undoing of life as you understand it. When news reached me that the chosen one had been found, I needed to see for myself. The Father : Is it? I should very much like to know. Why don't we find out together? Pass one test, and I shall know the truth.

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Too much light is also not good, just as too much dark, that's the thing about the balance. I believe that's also why Yoda says ''prophecy that misread could've been'' Anakin was bringing balance to the Force, true, but not by destroying the Sith, by joining with them. Because if not for the Clone Wars and the Revenge of the Sith, there was too much light already to make it unbalance it.

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Anakin as the chosen one, bringing balance to the Force by controlling both the Light the Daughter and the Dark the Son. The Son also points out that Dark can't be exist without the Light, or vice-versa. And there is also a balance within. The Son : How simple you make it, light and dark, as if there is one without the other. Aligned, you and I can restore balance wherever we go, peace to the universe.

If Anakin didn't turn to the Dark Side and stayed with the Jedi, he would have grown more powerful and reach his full potential, being powerful enough to destroy the Sith, but that wouldn't fulfil the Prophecy, there's a video about that on The Stupendous Wave YouTube Channel. Ben is a perfect candidate, he's on a similar path as Anakin and he's conflicted between the Light and the Dark. I think it's a better idea if he brings balance in the end instead of Rey, unless if there's a plot twist that Ben turns back the Light and Rey turns to the Dark Side but I think that's unlikely.

Wasn't it stated that the light side was the natural state of the force and the dark side was a impurity?

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Kylo does mirror Anakin in a number of ways, and it's a valid point that he'll play the role of Anakin in the Sequel Trilogy, given that Disney's basically replicating the storyline from the older trilogies, particularly the OT where Vader was redeemed at the last instant. But if and when he betrays Snoke, I'd like it to be original as to how that's done and its immediate consequences. I think the similarities are due to laziness or an attempt at homage. Personally, I hope he isn't the Chosen One - same with Rey.

Treat Kylo Ren and Rey and two protagonists on separate sides. Like father like son in this situation. The Force Awakens at first felt like a carbon copy of ANH, but I slowly realised that it has used concepts that ANH didn't use, in fact it used some ideas from the Prequel trilogy such as Hayden Christenson's Anakin and a behind the scenes villain etc. TFA isn't a carbon copy of ANH, if you think about the movie more, the similarities fade away especially when you watch it again.

It's similar to ANH, but not a rehash or carbon copy. But Star Killer Base made zero sense whatsoever. Because you don't want him to be the new Chosen One. It's an interesting theorie and there are definitely some good points you make there. On the other hand we have for example Vader refused to kill his son while Kylo absolutely wanted to kill his father to stay true to the Dark Side.

In the end I think that they are going to mix elements from both characters to create something new, The Force Awakens has many similarities with A New Hope because the fans needed to learn who the new characters etc are but there are already some rumours that claim that Episode VIII is not really going to look like Episode V.

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The explosive conclusion to the bestselling series– The Chosen. Four shall fight. Two shall remain. The game of immortal elements has advanced to an. Redemption book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The explosive conclusion to the bestselling series The Chosen.*Four s.

I thought about this , but then when I saw Rey use force abilities that experienced jedi knights can only use , I was convinced she is the chosen one. I am familiar with Jacen Solo and have read about his path to the Dark Side, wasn't Jacen beyond redemption? I don't think Ben will delve that deeply into the Dark Side, even after killing his dad, Ben fell to his knees and instead of feeling stronger, he felt weaker. It wasn't Ben's idea to kill his dad, it was Snoke's idea, Snoke encouraged him and Ben was conflicted. I agree with you that Ben will be a mix of Anakin and Jacen, Ben is inspired by both characters, and I don't think Episode 8 will be a rehash of Episode 5, Episode 7 was NOT a rehash of Episode 4, if you only watch it once then you will think it is, but if you watch it again and watch reviews of it, you'll realise it's not a rehash, but a similar movie.

Applying a mind trick on a Storm Trooper? Storm Troopers are weak minded and have no way of defending themselves from Jedi mind tricks. And it didn't work straight away, she had to ask him several times. This is an assumption and not a fact, but Rey might have been trained as a Force user when she was much younger but her memories were wiped.

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Anakin was the choosen one, he kill the sith lord at the end because prophecy can't be straight foward and come with a small fine print twist. Interesting theory. Despite a lot of criticism, I actually really enjoyed Kylo Ren as a character. I thought he was an unconventional villain and I'm really interested to see where he goes. I hope Disney avoids doing the same arc and having Ben sacrifice himself at the end of this trilogy. I think it would be interesting if he survives the events of Episode 8 and 9, turns back to the Light Side, and spends the rest of his life trying to repair what he's done.

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Well that be a lame prophecy, one that continue after one chosen one die, that not a prophecy, that is the equivalent of me saying one person will die a stupid dead, and every time it does the prophecy has been fulfill. I mean who control this prophecy, also is not like the people in the star war universe will trust that prophecy after Anakin became evil, even if he did the right thing in the end and fulfill, he still became evil something it did not say. Basically the prophecy is stupid, and if what ever you do will fulfill the prophecy then what is the point. If you want to complain about it like, then whine to George Lucas.

I do hope Snoke is Plagueis, it's too good not to be true. I don't know, I have the feeling that Snoke is to important to be Plagueis since the general audience barely knows him. And the general audience aware of who Plagueis is because of an important and memorable scene from ROTS, or should be in case they haven't seen the Prequels for a long time.

Plagueis isn't just some random EU character, he's been mentioned in one of the movies that's considered decent. A vague figure appears to be wearing a mask and using a red Light Saber and it's meant to be Snoke but in the movie itself, Snoke isn't seen wearing a mask and suit, and not using a Light Saber.

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Snoke looks like Plagueis in the Legends Continuity that's no longer a part of the Star Wars story, it looks too much like him. Abrams appears not to know who Darth Plagueis is as depicted in this video although he might be keeping it a secret like claiming that Khan was not in Star Trek 2. And for some reason JJ Abrams seemed to be nervous when he heard that question, you can tell by his facial expressions. Click pause on because JJ Abrams made a weird facial expression, which suggests he was nervous. Holy crap I can't believe that this is already now 2 years and 5 days old.

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Posted by YousufKhan posts - 3 years, 5 months ago - Show Bio. Here's a Quote: " Always. How long it take to write that? Interesting theory I'm sure it would have been, had I read it. Interesting indeed. The Father said a very important thing about the balance of the Force.

Anakin : The chosen one is a myth. Source : The Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 15 Too much light is also not good, just as too much dark, that's the thing about the balance. And then we've this in the Mortis Episodes ; Anakin as the chosen one, bringing balance to the Force by controlling both the Light the Daughter and the Dark the Son. The Son : Together we can change the balance of the universe, my friend.