Fairy Tail Vol. 22

Fairy Tail vol. 22
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The Great Magic World The Human Gate The Ambition of Zoldio The Open Seam A Curse of Vengeance Lucy Fire Rain Soaked the 13th Woman Dead End of Despair The One Who Ends It The Word I Couldn't Say Fairy Glitter The Boy Who Watches the Sea The Sirius Tree Azuma What Kind of Guild Is This At One Time Gray vs.

Ultear The Power of "Life" Acnologia Errors and Experience The Peal of Thunder The Man Without the Mark The Region of the Depths Just Look How Close Magic Is Alive Zeref Awakened The Right to Love To You Prideful Brats Let's Join Hands Fairy Tail, X Fairy Sphere Seven Empty Years Saber Tooth Porlyusica And We're Going to Aim for the Top Magic Singularity Song of the Celestials Only the Amount of Time Lost Crocus, The Capital of Blooming Flowers A New Guild The Secret Weapon, Team B Fade into the Silence Night of Falling Stars Flare Graceful Defeat Olga of the Black Lightning Drunken Hawk Chariot Socks Elfman vs.

Bacchus A Door Sunken into Darkness Kagura vs. Yukino Grudges Wrapped in the Curtain of Night Pandemonium MPF Laxus vs. Alexei True Family Wendy vs. Sherria Tiny Fists The Night Our Feelings Intersect Thoughts Joined as One A Gift for You of Perfume Battle of the Dragon Slayers Sting and Lector Twin Dragons The Girl's Face He Saw Exciting Ryuzetsu Land Where the Dragon Souls Sleep The Dragon King The Eclipse Plan A Two-Front Battle Plan The Grand Magic Game Fairy Strategist Rufus Hungry Wolf Knights Fairy Tail vs.

The Burning Earth The Place Where We Are The Land of Until Tomorrow Threesomes The King's Script Kagura Rosemary A Future Hurrying Toward Despair Gajeel vs.

Series: Fairy Tail

Rogue White Knight Attacking Lightning Jura Gloria The Shadow: There and Back Again One Who Would Close the Door Live On for Her Zodiac Seven Dragons The Magic of Zirconis Natsu's Plan Firebird Sin and Sacrifice The Golden Grasslands The Grand Ball Games Drops of Time Delivery The Morning of a New Adventure Warrod Sequen Treasure Hunters Wizards vs. Somebody's Voice The Way of Devolution The Devil Returns The Demon Doriath Doriath The Eternal Flame Voice of the Flame Song of the Fairies Tartaros Arc Prologue The Nine Demon Gates The Devil Particles Fairies vs.

The White Inheritance Jackal Stories that Demons Read Tartaros Arc, Part 1: Immorality and Sinners Fairy in the Jail Jellal vs. The Third Ward Devil Reincarnation Breakthrough Kill or Let Live Revolution Herculean Madness Ezel The Sky Dragon's Rage Tartaros Arc, Part 3: Underworld King Hell's Core The House Where Demons Dwell Alegria Wave Rider Lucy Attack of the Celestials The Celestial King vs. The Underworld King Minerva The Twin Dragons vs. A Young Boy's Story Silver Never Forget Silver Memories Juvia vs. Tartaros Arc, Part 5: Ultimate Pain Air Steel The Final Duels Wings of Despair Wings of Hope Igneel vs.

The Fire Dragon's Iron Fist Tartaros Arc, Part 6: Magna Carta The Girl in the Crystal To Destroy My Very Body The Definitive Demon Thread of White and Black Memento Mori To Respond in Kind The Tome of END Drops of Fire That Is the Power of Life Tartaros Arc, Final Part Lone Journey II Challenger Message of Fire Wendy and Sherria Orochi's Fin Do It All for Love Avatar Saber Tooth X Black Heart Pitched Underground Battle When We Take Different Paths Operation Purify My Sword Briar in Love Ikusa-Tsunagi Cry of Victory Memoirs Magnolia The Albareth Empire God Serena Caracol Island Rules of the Area And the Land Just Vanished Emperor Spriggan The Grotesque Fairy The Fight to Flee Fight the Power!

Mavis and Zeref The Only One in All the World Fairy Heart Prelude to the Final Battle A Father's Job Dragon Flight Force and Osprey Force Orders Naked Battle Morning Star Weakness The Pegasus That Came to Earth This Perfume Goes To Battlefield Black Carpet Assassin Mother's Key Star Memory What I Want to Do Hybrid Theory Until the Battle Is Done Wall During Hushed Times DiMaria Chronos Yesta Farewell, Magical Girl Transport Stealth The One Most Respected Grave Markers of the North The Historia of the Dead Seven Stars The Savage Six The First Dinner in Five Days The Fourth Guest The Third Seal The Two of Us, Forever Universe One Older and Younger Sisters White Dragneel The Hill That Leads to Tomorrow I'm Hungry The Winter Wizard Invel Gray and Juvia Mari and Randi Mavis and Zera The Last Sight Seen The Gash Trump Card The Broken Bond Voice Pleasure and Pain The Heart of Natsu The Hell of Hunger Sting, the White Shadow Dragon Hanamaru Dragon Seed I Am You You Are Me The Essence of Enchant Wendy Belserion Show Me Your Smile Dragon or Demon The Strongest Wizard Gray's Trump Card Is Destiny Going Up in Flames?

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The Black Future My Name Is Dragon of Magic Teacher Neo Eclipse Pegasus vs. Zeref the White Wizard The Vow of the Doors The Greatest Power The Power of Life When the Flame Goes Out World Destruction Balance The Magic of Hope Instinct Hearts Connected You're the King Categories :. Omake Volume List : S1 S2.

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Fairy Tail, Vol. 22 book. Read 33 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Fairy Tail - Volume - 22 book. Read 32 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. O rei de Edolas pretende aniquilar todos que se voltarem c.

December 15, March 25, Natsu Dragneel Lucy Heartfilia Happy. January 12, Death Laughs Twice.

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March 16, June 24, May 17, September 16, July 17, January 27, The Ice Blade of Tragic Reality. September 14, Human Law. Fairy Tail members.

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November 16, July 28, January 17, October 27, Fairy Law. March 17, December 29, Celestial Spirit King. May 16, March 23, Side Story : Happy's Little Job 5. August 12, June 22, The Decisive Outfit. October 17, September 28, December 17, May 10, Friendly Fire for Friendship's Sake.

July 12, Gentle Words. Natsu Dragneel Mirajane Strauss Happy.


May 15, September 27, November 8, September 17, Celestial Spirit Brawl. November 17, March 6, Jura the Tenth Saint. January 15, June 12, It was the fact that everyone was killed because of him and that he alone had survived which he felt regret over, more than the fact that his father had denied his existence. The smoke was thickening, but she had to hurry.

Fairy tail 22- Natsu, Lucy and Happy's team formed

Lydia was about to run off, but Edgar pulled her arm as if he came back to his senses. As he looked with a painful expression at Lydia who turned around, he shook his head to the sides. And so, he embraced Lydia once more and leaned against the wall in the midst of deteriorating vision due to the smoke. It was when they thought that everything was fine already.. Nico jumped upwards when Coblynau pointed that out. Put it out for me! My tail is getting burnt! The narrow passageway ahead led to the kitchen, but Nico could not afford to search for the backdoor and jumped towards the window.

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Then it happened. Just as they thought they heard the sound of breaking glass, water gushed in. Lydia, who was about to be swept away, clung onto Edgar desperately. The doll house and the table before them, as well as themselves, were all drenched. A slight burnt smell drifted from the dollhouse, but it seemed that the fire, which was perhaps of a small scale, was put out. And beside the doll house, was Raven who stood stock still while holding on to a large vase.

Raven, who was usually emotionless, appeared to be slightly flustered at having splashed water on his master.

He remained frozen as he hugged the vase. Everyone who had gathered in the dining room was surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere. A faint sweet aroma drifted from the circular and simple baked cake. Tomkins sliced the cake with a practiced hand. No one knew which slices contained the fava beans. I can have another slice right? I enjoy meeting with Lydia. Edgar glared at Lota as he became even more displeased. I wonder about that. It seemed that the winds were rather strong in the afternoon.

You like crossing turbulent waters right?

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Francis, being a chatty person, played the role of livening up the dinner tonight. Countless times? It seemed that he had succeeded in a certain way. Or rather, may Edgar himself get the slice this year. She wondered what kind of Twelfth Nights Edgar had spent. The Twelfth Nights he was used to were probably more gorgeous events spent being surrounded by his many relatives.

For him, spending Twelfth Night with only his wife, father-in-law and a few close friends, was probably not a lively event, but Lydia was relieved that he seemed to be enjoying himself from the bottom of his heart. Edgar had always felt his own powerlessness over what they saw in the flames, how his parents were in their final moments and how he had everything robbed from him without being able to do anything. But Edgar was no longer powerless. He did not lose sight of himself as the head of the earldom and had also protected Lydia properly. If the Gold and Silver fava beans emerge from inside, I can take them right?

The only thing I can take is just good fortune huh.

Star Martial God Technique Episode 1

Even with just that, Lydia was encouraged and felt that from now on, there should no longer be any more painful things that would cause Edgar to suffer. The Twelfth Night dinner became an enjoyable night that marked the end of the Christmas season. Please read this chapter at Daydream Translations The banquet continued after they shifted to the salon, and laughter continued from their circle as they were pleasantly drunk.

Beside the Archduke and Professor Carlton who were conversing harmoniously, Lota and Francis were laughing together enjoyably.