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Your job alert was successfully created. Sign up. Share this job. Priorities will be given to outstanding candidates at Assistant and Associate professor ranks. Continue reading. Solid Mechanics Faculty position in the Mechanical Engineering program.

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The central premise of AgEB is to Read more Save as favourite. We are looking to recruit a chemist with expertise in photo- and electrocatalysis, surface chemistry, operando analysis and characterization. The Project: Vertical and lateral depositional and structural heterogeneities are key elements influencing pore networks and flow properties in carbonate reservoirs.

A detailed understanding of property heterogeneities in reservoirs on an inter-well scale is a prerequisite The ME Program, in conjunction with the Clean Combustion Research Center, seeks a highly qualified faculty in combustion physics with a distinguished international reputation. The ideal candidate would have an established track record of academic achievement in combustion Previous 1 2 3 16 Next. About the employer.

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Germany Read More In this paper, the dynamic simulation for a high pressure regulator is performed to obtain the regulator behavior. Because of nonlinearity and coupling, these equations are solved using numerical methods and the results are presented. Additionally, the dynamic analysis results consist of the output pressure change versus time, the displacement of the moving parts versus time, the regulator mass flow rate versus time and the output pressure versus mass flow rate in different controlling spring pre-loads.

Furthermore, the sensitivity analysis is carried out and the main parameters affecting the regulator performance are identified. Finally, the results of the dynamic simulation are validated by comparing them with the experimental results. Fracture Mechanics. In practice, the experimental determination of a forming limit curve is Read More Forming limit curves are used as a parameter in finite element analysis to control the material's level of formability.

In practice, the experimental determination of a forming limit curve is a very time-consuming procedure which requires special and expensive equipment. Forming limit diagram FLD is derived by the simulation of Erichsen test out-of-plane stretching test using hemispherical punch. There are few studies on the prediction of necking time, which is obtained by the application of Pepelnjak algorithm and ductile fracture criterion.

In order for the validation, the numerical result of forming limit diagram FLD was compared with the experimental and analytical results and a good correlation was observed. Effect of the thickness of the sheet on forming limit curves was investigated and the results showed that increased thickness of the sheet led to raised level of the FLD and MSFLD; but, FLSD did not change considerably.

Fluid Mechanics. On the other hand, becaus eof the competition in the market, it is necessary to Read More Nowadays, due to the increasing power of diesel engines, especially heavy duty diesel engines, and increasing gas pressure inside the combustion chamber, the forces acting on the engine bearings have dramatically raised. On the other hand, becaus eof the competition in the market, it is necessary to increase the engine bearing life and reduce its failure as much as possible.

The engine bearings analysis is a vital issue in engine design process as well as other related engineering tasks such as engine power upgrading, reverse designing, and bearing failure analysis. So, many attempts have been made to simulate accurate engine bearings. In this paper, results of a thermo-elasto-hydrodynamic TEHD analysis of a connecting rod big end BE bearing of a heavy duty diesel engine are presented. Here, the oil film viscosity is considered a function of oil's local temperature and pressure. Effects of flexibility of bearing shell and connecting rod structure are also considered.

Therefore, the computed oil film pressure and temperature distributions are relatively precise. In the proposed analytical procedure, at first, elasto-hydrodynamic EHD analysis is carried out and the averaged fluid velocity in the bearing is obtained. Then, the averaged heat transfer coefficient between oil film and crank pin is calculated, which is used as an input in TEHD analysis.

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Buy Combustion Science and Engineering (Applied and Computational Mechanics) on (Applied and Computational Mechanics); Combustion Engineering analyses of fuel combustion including jet combustion and boundary layer. Combustion Science and Engineering (Computational Mechanics and Applied Analysis) by Kalyan Annamalai () [Kalyan Annamalai;Ishwar K. Puri].

Results of EHD and TEHD analyses are compared with each other and the main characteristic parameters in bearing design are reported and interpreted. The butt-joint welds were made using CO2 laser with the maximum power of 2. Read More This paper was aimed to report the 3D finite element analysis simulation of laser welding process of Ti6Al4V 1.

Advanced Thermodynamics Engineering, Second Edition Computational Mechanics and Applied Analysis

A part of the experimental work was carried out to verify the weld geometry with specific weld parameters including power, speed, and focal position. Another part investigated the effect of focal position on the weld bead geometry. Subsequently, the shapes of the molten pool were predicted by the numerical analysis method and compared with the results obtained through the experimentation, which led to finding a good agreement.

Heat and Mass Transfer. Furthermore, effect of Uniform and Gaussian heat flux distribution in Read More Laser forming is a modern process which is mainly used for forming metals. Furthermore, effect of Uniform and Gaussian heat flux distribution in different power, velocity, and beam diameters on bending angle was studied.

FEM simulation indicated that, in the same conditions of analysis, Uniform heat flux distribution caused higher bending angle than Gaussian heat flux distribution.

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Moreover, the results showed that there was an optimum point at different speeds and laser beam diameters, at which the bending angle was maximum. In order to evaluating the numerical results, a set of experiments was conducted, which showed good agreement. Research Paper Heat and Mass Transfer. Furthermore, the role of viscous heating, thermal radiation, uneven energy gain or loss, Read More The present numerical attempt deals the sway to transfer of heat and mass characteristics on the time-dependent hydromagnetic boundary layer flow of a viscous fluid over an exponentially inclined preamble stretching.

Furthermore, the role of viscous heating, thermal radiation, uneven energy gain or loss, velocity slip, thermal slip and solutal slips are depicted. Influence of various notable parameters like porosity, inertia coefficient, radiation, Eckert number, velocity, thermal and solutal slip are explored via graphs and tables for the cases of assisting and opposing flows.

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Comparison amid the previously published work and the present numerical outcomes for the limiting cases which are received to be in a righteous agreement. Temperature increments with large values of the non-uniform heat source. Research Paper Internal Combustion Engine. In order to conduct Read More In this computational research, the separate and simultaneous impacts of diesel direct injection timing, fuel spraying cone angle, and hydrogen gas addition on combustion characteristics, output emissions, and performance in a single-cylinder direct injection diesel engine was studied.

In order to conduct the simulations, valid and reliable models for combustion, break-up, and for turbulence was used.

The effects of fifteen fuel injection strategies based on characteristics such as time of fuel spraying , CA BTDC, and TDC and nozzle cone angle , , , , and degrees under neat diesel combustion and diesel-hydrogen combustion engine operations conditions were explored. The obtained results indicated that the addition of H2 due to significant heating value has increased indicated power and improved indicated specific energy consumption at the expense of NOx emissions but considerably decreased CO and soot emissions simultaneously.