BLOOM A Readers Guide to The Ice Veil Tales, Volume One

BLOOM A Readers Guide to The Ice Veil Tales, Volume One
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Adverse fortune is ultimately better than good fortune because it is more effective in teaching this lesson. She is above the fray, immune to both praise and blame from those who experience the ups and downs that result from her actions. The ways of fortune, like the application of divine justice generally, are simply beyond the capacity of human understanding. The travelers cross the Styx in a swift vessel piloted by Phlegyas. The resentful boatman deposits Dante and Virgil at the entrance to Dis, the fortressed city of Lower Hell.

Bloodcurdling Furies then appear above the walls and call on Medusa to come and turn Dante to stone.

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However, a messenger from Heaven arrives to squelch the resistance and open the gate, thus allowing Dante and Virgil to visit the circles of Lower Hell. Encounters phl e g y a s 8 :: The infernal employee who transports Dante and Virgil in his boat across the Styx Inf.

Apollo promptly slew him.

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Early commentators report that his name derives from an ostentatious habit of shoeing his horse in silver argento. Boccaccio, in Decameron 9. These angels joined Lucifer in his rebellion against God; cast out of Heaven, they laid the foundation for evil in the world. Once beautiful, they are now, like all things infernal, transformed into monstrous demons.

Virgil previously described the harrowing of hell Circle 1; Inf. Medusa, one of three sisters known as the Gorgons, thus becomes so frightening to behold that those who look at her turn to stone. Representations of Perseus holding aloft the horrible head of Medusa were common in the early modern period. A Renaissance sculpture of the scene, by Cellini, has for many years decked the loggia in Piazza della Signoria, one of the main squares in Florence.

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As an enemy of Hell who walks on water Inf. He also bears similarities to Hermes-Mercury, the classical god who, borne on winged feet, delivers messages to mortals from the heavens. The little wand of the heavenly messenger Inf. Both Christ and Hermes were strongly associated with the kind of allegory Dante describes in Inferno 9. But whereas avarice and prodigality are distinct sins based on the same principle an immoderate attitude toward material wealth , wrath and sullenness are basically two forms of a single sin: anger that is expressed wrath and anger that is repressed sullenness.

This idea that anger takes various forms is common in ancient and medieval thought. The two groups suffer different punishments appropriate to their type of anger: the wrathful endlessly attack one another while the sullen stew below the surface of the swamp Inf. For Dante, then, Dis stands both for Lucifer and the lower circles of his infernal realm.

Details of the city and its surroundings—including moats, watchtowers, high walls, and a well-guarded entrance Inf. Virgil describes it in his Aeneid as the marsh across which Charon ferries souls of the dead and the living Aeneas into the lower world Aeneid 6. Dante and Virgil are taken by Phlegyas in his swift vessel across the marsh to the city of Dis.

Virgil notes a similar effect in the Aeneid 6.

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Theseus and Hercules, two classical heroes each has a divine parent , previously raided the underworld and returned alive. Hercules, in fact, descended into Hades to rescue Theseus, who had been imprisoned following his unsuccessful attempt to abduct Persephone, queen of Hades. While the Furies express regret at not having killed Theseus when they had the chance Inf.

Given the impasse at the entrance to Dis, Dante understandably wonders, as his question not so subtly implies, if his guide is up to the task. His story, that he was 43 c i r c l e 5 : : w r at h a n d s u l l e n n e s s summoned by Erichtho to retrieve a soul from the lowest circle of Hell Inf. The poet Dante thus invents a story so that Virgil can save face and reassure the character Dante.

Commonly applied to the interpretation of sacred texts namely, the Bible , allegory, in its various forms, assumes that other, deeper levels of meaning often spiritual lie beneath the surface, in addition to or in place of the literal meaning of the words. Here Dante learns, as the result of a misunderstanding, that the damned possess the power to see the future but not the present.

Needing time to adjust to the stench wafting up from the lower circles, the travelers take refuge behind the tomb of a heretical pope. Virgil uses this time to describe the overall layout of Hell and the reasons for this organization. While there is certainly no love lost between Dante and Farinata, there is a measure of respect. Elsewhere Dante praises Frederick, along with his son Manfred, as a paragon of nobility and integrity De vulgari eloquentia 1. He died in Despite his prominent position in the church, he was known as a strong protector and proponent of the Ghibelline or imperial party.

Whereas Farinata is primarily concerned with politics, Cavalcante is obsessed with the fate of his son Inf. Anastasius II, an early medieval pontiff —98 , was considered a heretic by later generations for having been persuaded by Photinus a deacon of Thessalonica to support the efforts of a contemporary emperor of the same name Anastasius I to restore the reputation of Acacius, a patriarch of Constantinople who denied the divine origin of Christ.

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More commonly, heresy in the Middle Ages was a product of acrimonious disputes over Christian doctrine, in particular the theologically correct ways of understanding the Trinity and Christ. By identifying the heretics as followers of Epicurus Inf. While the character Dante knows that Guido is living at the time of the journey March—April , the poet Dante knows he will not live much longer.

Tragically, Guido fell ill due to the bad climate of the region to which he was sent he likely contracted malaria and died shortly after his return to Florence. Derived from two warring royal houses in Germany Welf and Waiblingen , the sides came to be distinguished by their adherence to the claims of the pope Guelphs or the emperor Ghibellines.

For a time, Florence alternated between Guelph and Ghibelline rule.

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Her 60 interactive writing prompts and art how-tos help you to expand your imagination and stimulate your creativity. An extraordinary debut novel, Freshwater explores the surreal experience of having a fractured self. But the boy's pride is shaken by the discovery that he has much in common with the horrible josser and that despised Mahony, their opposite, is normal, human, and solicitous.. Otherworldly presents avant-garde garments, styling, fashion photography, and young designers who are a whole galaxy away from the mainstream. Answers to small questions: "High Toast," literally a brand of snuff, may imply the Eucharist administered by the boy as pseudopriest. He was concerned that this tale of horror would be bad for her literary reputation, but reluctantly published it in a literary journal, albeit anonymously.

Guelph Florence cemented its dominance in Tuscany in , when its army defeated Ghibelline forces from Arezzo at the battle of Campaldino. This event came to be seen as the origin of factional violence that would plague the city for the next century and beyond. Because there will no longer be a future when the world ends last judgment [Circle 3] , the souls of the damned will thereafter have no external awareness to distract them from their eternal suffering.

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Virgil makes good use of this time by explaining that Hell is organized according to different types of sin. Commentators often relate these three categories to the three beasts that threaten Dante in the dark wood. Because fraud is unique to humans, Virgil regards sins of fraud as worse than sins of violence Inf.

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Virgil further explains, following Aristotle, that incontinence—excessive indulgence of desires deemed good in themselves—is punished in the upper circles of Hell because it is the least offensive type of sin Inf. And why is Dante then confused by this reaction? Astride the Centaur Nessus, Dante views those who committed violent acts against fellow human beings, from ruthless tyrants and warriors such as Attila the Hun to murderers and highway bandits, all submerged to an appropriate depth in a river of boiling blood.

The travelers then enter a forest whose gnarled and stunted trees are the souls of suicides. Encounters mi no t au r 1 2 :: The path down to the three rings of circle seven is covered with a mass of boulders that fell, Virgil explains Inf. The Minotaur, a bull-man who appears on this broken slope Inf. Basic information on the Minotaur was available to Dante from Virgil Aeneid 6. Minos wisely had Daedalus build an elaborate labyrinth to conceal and contain this monstrosity.

Armed with bows and arrows, thousands of Centaurs patrol the bank of the river, using their weapons to keep the souls submerged to a depth commensurate with their culpability Inf. Two of the three Centaurs who approach Dante and Virgil fully earned this negative reputation. Chiron, leader of the Centaurs, enjoyed a more favorable reputation as the wise tutor of both Hercules and Achilles Inf.

Nessus pairs Alexander with Dionysius Inf. Similarly paired are two Italian warlords Inf.

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Pyrrhus, according to some commentators, is the king of Epirus lived — bce who twice invaded Italy to wage war against the Romans. Others believe he is the son of Achilles, infamous for his cruelty when the Greeks destroyed Troy; this Pyrrhus killed the Trojan prince Polites before the very eyes of his parents Priam and Hecuba , and then dragged King Priam to the altar, where he killed him as well Virgil, Aeneid 2. Rinier da Corneto and Rinier Pazzo were notorious highwaymen of thirteenth-century Italy, the former harassing travelers on the roads to Rome, the latter operating between Florence and Arezzo.

Rinier Pazzo was excommunicated 57 circle 7 :: violence by Pope Clement IV and outlawed by the Florentine commune which put a price on his head for one of his most spectacular crimes: in he led a group of bandits that robbed a bishop and his entourage as they headed for Rome, slaughtering nearly all of them. Harpies, as Dante the narrator recalls Inf. Newly arrived on the Strophades islands in the Ionian sea , Aeneas and his crew slaughter cattle and goats and prepare the meat for a sumptuous feast. Twice the horrid Harpies, who inhabit the islands after being driven from their previous feeding location, spoil the banquet by falling upon the food and fouling the area with their excretions.

The Trojans meet a third attack with their weapons and succeed in driving away the Harpies. However, Celaeno, a Harpy with the gift of prophecy, in turn drives away the Trojans when she foretells that they will not accomplish their mission in Italy without suffering such terrible hunger that they are forced to eat their tables Virgil, Aeneid 3. Early commentators say that Frederick, believing the charges against Pier perhaps that he had plotted with the pope against the emperor , had him imprisoned and blinded.

Unable to accept this wretched fate, Pier brutally took his own life by smashing his head against a wall perhaps the wall of a church or, in other accounts, by leaping from a high window as the emperor was passing in the street below. The one in front, who calls on death to come quickly Inf.