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Just reading this I felt affirmed in a couple of things that I enjoy but don't let myself do because it seems 'silly' or are 'pointless'. Or I do them but I don't let myself enjoy them.

Somehow saying 'this is what my spirit likes to do' makes it a little less personal too. As in: heck, it's silly, but you know those spirits It lets me get out of judgment. It's just a mental trick but it helped free up some lightness inside me. Update: I didn't really finish the book I got stuck on the chapter that said that she asked her angels to help her and they fixed her car. I couldn't get past the physicality of that. An angel with a wrench? Feb 04, Mandy rated it really liked it.

This is the first book on the subject of spirit guides that I have ever read. I was surprised at the detail. One spirit guide is good for me— 3, tops. Interesting book, though. Lots to think about and try. Most people "suffer from mental constipation and Psychic anorexia: Feeding the mind way too much information and not feeding your spirit enough" What feeds your soul?

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Activity to do for 3 mins every day for 30 days. These are the things that come up that will feed your spirit. The spirit world will always Most people "suffer from mental constipation and Psychic anorexia: Feeding the mind way too much information and not feeding your spirit enough" What feeds your soul? The spirit world will always give you the way for every bit of guidance that it offers. Your spirit is not complicated, it doesn't need much. But it does need what it needs. Angels have never had an earthly experience. You must ask for spirit guide or angel help.

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Some angels can help without you asking because God sends them. Connect with your guides by writing or by just asking them out loud, let them speak through you Request only the highest guidance from light and love set up boundaries Good guidance is consistent and doesn't flatter or make you feel special Archangel Michael: Protection, love Archangel Gabriel: Emotions, essence of water, calms doubts, boosts confidence Archangel Raphel: Healing mind, body, spirit , essence of air, boosts creativity Archangel Uriel: Essence of earth, multitasker, brings warnings, patron of music Archangel Raguel: Police officer of the archangels, ensures that others behave helps with relationship discord , drama to subside Archangel Sariel: Keeps things in order, calm things down, organization Archangel Ramiel: Hope, life and death issues, endings circumstances, relationships, etc When someone offers you something say, "Yes, I'd be so grateful" as a way to practice being grateful.

Guides like it when we are grateful. Guides will always give you guidance that you can accomplish. But it may be outside your comfort zone. Apr 14, Mary Jo rated it really liked it.

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Listened to the audio version every a. She comforts and inspires me like a walk in nature. Sonia's stories sometimes seem a bit far-fetched, but maybe that's my 5th sensory mind talking! Aug 25, Robert Pikula rated it it was amazing.

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Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System Paperback – June 1, We’re all spiritual beings with a spiritual support system on the Other Side that oversees and helps guide our lives from the moment we’re born to the moment we leave our physical bodies and. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Choquette, the author of many books that help readers Ask Your Guides - Kindle edition by Sonia Choquette. Download it.

I so enjoyed this book. Its time for people to start believing in more than the physical world. I personally know a lot of people all over the world that read Sonia's books and many like hers.

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She has a unique and sweet way she presents herself to others. She is genuine and knows who she is. When we learn who our guides are we learn how strong of beings we really are and that we are always protected and guided.


We can be guided by our soul and our guides if we just allow it. Good book Pretty dope. I've had this book for a year at least and while I've been skeptical I finally finished today , after stopping and starting again. Detailed and helped me out for a bit, the second half was what really helped me especially when talking about higher self and the ego mind. May 18, Martina rated it really liked it. A wonderful guide on who is available and how to connect with Angels, Spirit guides and our divine helpers. Sonia includes many personal stories and examples how we receive divine assistance, all we have to do is ask!

If you have the slightest idea that there are angels out there, and would like to know more beautiful things about connecting with your guardian angel, or about the angel world in general, this book is the one. It's beautiful, and so real and amazing- life enhancing!


We are immortal spirits going on in this mortal human form and we all need greater help from the greats; those from the other world. This spiritual book is quite helpful and I appreciate how it's well sorted. Recommended for those looking for spiritual books.

Jun 17, Nikolas rated it it was amazing. This book gives me some insight and a lot of valuable information on how to connect with my guides as well as how to use my gift of sight. I'm quite intuitive and enjoy learning more about the gift I have. Feb 23, Jordana rated it really liked it.

I really found this book to be profound and useful! I've read it a couple of times, and both times I got information that I've put to use in my life. I'm a big fan of Sonia Choquette for the way she writes in a way that reaches out and touches the reader for practical application and understanding. Jun 22, Ems rated it it was amazing. Awesome book! The best I've read out there on the many different types of guides we have to work with and how to communicate with them.

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Jan 17, Mayuri Palharya rated it it was amazing. Just be receptive and apply no logic. Absolutely amazing read. Aug 09, Sonya Dickerson rated it really liked it. Awesome book Aug 19, Juliet Foster rated it it was amazing. Where Sonia stands out is in the attention she encourages to ourselves. In spiritual circles, you hear a lot that you must learn to love yourself. This book begins with awareness not only that you are spirit but actually of your spirit and how to discover what makes it thrive.

She takes us through types of guide, angel and entity in quite a lot of detail for a relatively short book.

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Angels have never had an earthly experience. A new and updated edition of the popular tarot deck that reawakens the child in all of us. The Clearing Action may be to eliminate blockages to using the pendulum, raising your guides to the highest level of consciousness, removing negative energies, etc. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Show More. The Fool is the universal archetype of our witness self, the eternally objective Divine voice who resides within all of us.

The training aspect is very gentle and easily accepted. She even reminds every now and then that it does take effort. Perhaps easy-going is a better description. Enjoyable effort. Watch out for the one in the chapter about Runners, my personal favourite! Jan 02, Marie rated it liked it Shelves: fluffy-bunny , spirituality , guides. It has some good information in it, but really I have a hard time giving it more than 3 stars. Maybe it's because I had some issues with the way she talked about intellectualizing things as being a bad thing, when really it sounds more like she is trying to simplify ego by calling it intellectualizing.

It's not bad, it's just that not everything with in the book rang true for me.